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  • Does anyone have any good ideas for crafts or presents for big/little reveal week?!!? 

    Anonymous said: what are a couple of things that you think every preppy girl should have in her closet? or at least your favorites :) example: black long champ with medium handles

    It’s hard to trickle down to a couple of things! Every preppy girl should have first and foremost a Lilly dress that she could throw on in ANY situation, an LL Bean canvas tote (Letters when appropriate!), THAT crewneck sweater you simply cannot live without from an old boyfriend, pearl earrings from your mom’s jewelry box, a pair of flats that can withstand any kind of weather (ahem..Tory), Burberry quilted in any color that fits with pastels… loose RL oxfords in seersucker, white and light pink.

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